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Tough Paper Bracelet

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Send samples to customers before production.

It takes 1-2 days to have goods, including shipping.

Packing: 100 pieces / 1 block, 1 box / 10 blocks (1000 pieces).

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With 8 years of experience in manufacturing paper bracelets. Minh Nguyen Printing brings the most satisfaction to customers.

Printed bracelets with tough paper Minh Nguyen always ensures the right quality, price, quantity, delivery schedule.

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1. What is tough paper?

ECO Plastic Paper is resistant to water, stains and chemicals. The paper is thick, durable and sturdy, so tear-free ECO paper is suitable for wet ECO products that need high durability that ordinary paper cannot meet.
*Applications of ECO are extremely wide:
– ECO products made from ECO plastic paper are diverse from Restaurant Menus, Waterproof Maps, Paper Bags, Decorative Items …… – ECO Plastic Paper is
suitable for various applications. current printing technology, especially ECO Plastic Paper can be printed with water-based ink. ECO Plastic Paper with smooth shiny surface can absorb inks for best color ECO product.
– ECO Plastic Paper is recyclable and destroyed at high temperature without producing harmful gases.

*  ECO paper  with special advantages:
-ECO paper is very mechanically durable, very tough, very difficult to tear, not frayed, not fibrous.
– ECO paper is waterproof, resistant to most chemicals, resistant to UV rays for a long time.
– ECO paper is very light, soft, easy to process and manipulate (gluing, sewing, cutting, stapling, stamping, punching, etc.).
– ECO is white, smooth surface

– ECO paper does not cause condensation, is not moldy, non-toxic, does not cause allergies, can be in contact with human skin.

2. What is a tough paper bracelet?

ECO Paper Bracelet  is a kind of wrist strap made from ECO plastic paper.

3. Why use tough paper bracelets?

  • With the outstanding advantages of ECO . paper rings
  • Do not disturb customers.
  • Do not lose customers
  • Not crumpled like paper tickets, last longer than decal, sticker.
  • High Aesthetics.
  • Long use: in 1-2 days
  • Easy to manage and monitor, in sight (you know which customer by looking at your hand).
  • Divide zones by different numbers or colors.
  • Brand PR for customers: Buffet, amusement park, event, event, hospital….
  • Low cost.
  • Cut image as required
  • Same day delivery
  • Various models

4. Dimensions of tough paper bracelet:

  • Common sizes:

+ Children: (1.5 x 20) cm, (1.5 × 17) cm, (2 × 17) cm or (2 × 20) cm …

+ Adults: (2×23)cm, (2×25)cm, (2.5×25)cm. . . .

+ Customization: according to user requirements

5. Application of tough paper bracelet 

  • In the event: distinguish customers, members, organizers, employees …
  • In the pool : distinguish customers with participation , closed ECOí , members of all kinds .
  • In the gym: : distinguish customers who participate, practice members, paid members, members of all kinds.
  • In buffet: distinguish customers, by zone, by set..
  • In the resort: which guest room, which area, has a swimming pool, has a set of breakfast, lunch and dinner …
  • In the hospital: identifying patients, identifying mothers and babies, distinguishing patients and family members, which department …
  • Direct payment for events: using RFID chips to pay customers online.
  • Use qr code, barcode instead of entrance ticket.
  • And there are many more applications of bracelets.

 6.  About Minh Nguyen

Minh Nguyen is a factory producing  all kinds of paper bracelets: tyvek paper bracelets, plastic paper bracelets, fabric bracelets, plastic bracelets, button bracelets, pull button bracelets … for hospitals, amusement parks, buffets, etc. swimming pool, restaurant, hotel, resort, land visit for real estate…. With a closed production cycle: materials, production, processing, finished products, quotation, design, delivery,  all in one . Minh Nguyen guarantees the price and quality of the product when the product arrives to the customer.

  • Price ?

The price is always low compared to the market

  • Quality .

Product quality is set by Minh Nguyen from the very beginning.

  • Why choose Minh Nguyen:

+ Minh Nguyen has his own factory.

+ Direct production with the criterion “: prestige – quality – responsibility – professionalism to number 1”.

+ Various materials: ECO paper, ECO paper, fabric, rubber, leather…

+ Diverse finished products: adhesives, buttons, buttons, gold-silver emulsions, reflective, 7 colors ..

+ Members: 10% discount compared to the first unit price.

  • IT application in production and management.
  • Minh Nguyen has offices in: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang
  • Modern machinery: HP Indigo printer, number binding machine, variable QR code barcode closing machine on demand, shape cutting machine.
  • Free delivery nationwide with orders over 1 million.
  • Design support, enthusiastic and knowledgeable advice.
  • Minh Nguyen has sent and sent goods to foreign countries.

Minh Nguyen would like to thank customers for their interest in Minh Nguyen’s products.

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How to effectively manage customers with your bracelet???

Free shipping nationwide.

Minh Nguyen supplies and prints cheap tough paper bracelets.

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