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Packing: 100 pieces / 1 block, 1 box / 10 blocks (1000 pieces).

– Diversity of materials: PVC, ECO plastic, waterproof non-tear plastic paper, cloth, rubber … 

With 8 years of experience in manufacturing paper bracelets. Minh Nguyen Printing brings the most satisfaction to customers.

Printing bracelets for patients Minh Nguyen  always ensures the right quality, price, quantity, delivery schedule.

Automated and modern machines:

– Automatic die-cutting machine

– Automatic jump gear closing machine….

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– Diverse types of finished products: die-cut according to the shape, glow, buttons, withdraw buttons, glue ….

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The correct identification of patients has been and is being taken up by WHO and many Patient Safety organizations as a top goal.

Recognizing the harmful effects of misidentifying patients leads to:

In mild cases, the wrong drug is given, blood is taken for testing but detected in time, but it can also be very serious such as injecting the wrong drug, transmitting the wrong blood type, the urine sample of one person is left in another’s bottle, leading to a mistake. confusion in testing, wrong surgery, wrong return of the baby to the family, etc. This problem leads to danger for patients and relatives.

In Vietnam, although there are no specific statistics, medical facilities still have to face the error of patient information every day, especially when the patient’s information is likely to have the same first and last name, The same date of birth, sometimes the same address, etc. Therefore, identifying the right patient includes accurately identifying the individual patient and everything related to the patient such as medical records, prescriptions, etc. test sheets, blood products, blood samples, etc… are still a dilemma.

This confusion has been significantly reduced in medical facilities when applying bracelets to patients when receiving treatment.

Advantages of bracelet can get as:

– No need to ask the patient’s information repeatedly.

– Can know patient information in case the patient is in an isolated room without relatives (patient’s condition is ambiguous), the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Neonatology, GMHS, HSTC, patients with indications for surgery, The correct identification of NB is based on the identification bracelet and on the bracelet is written the following contents: Full name, year of birth, gender, address, case number, NB code (if any).

– Save time to find out patient information, help patients do not have to declare information many times, …

High-quality, durable, waterproof patient-oriented bracelet that won’t scratch the patient’s hand. The ring has a space to fill in all pre-printed information for the patient: full name, date of birth, address, patient number (if needed). The ring has a perforated hole to adjust to the wearer’s hand size. The snap button is a non-removable type (death clasp).

Durability: use for many days and use for 1 day

To distinguish each area or patient from different departments, the color convention of bracelets in medical facilities can be used:

Red : patient .

Blue: Patient’s family.


Depending on each medical facility, there are regulations on the color of the appropriate bracelet.

The identification of the patient is always necessary and always accurate, so the measure of using a bracelet for the patient during the medical examination and treatment process may be the optimal measure today.

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