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– Keo lột không bị đứt, dễ lột và nhanh. 

– Nút bấm, nút rút dùng 1 lần và nhiều lần .

– In QR code giá rẻ và nhanh. 

– Giao hàng miễn phí trên toàn quốc .

– Với năng lực sản xuất : 40.000 cái/1 ngày


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Print Buffet Control Bracelet

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Factory production should be low cost, quality bracelet, proactive in production and production time.

With 13 years of experience in manufacturing paper bracelets. Minh Nguyen Printing brings the most satisfaction to customers.

Printed bracelets made of tough paper, fabric, rubber control for buffet Minh Nguyen always ensures the right quality, price, quantity, and delivery schedule   



1. What is the paper bracelet for buffet?

The control paper bracelet for the buffet is a wrist strap made from many different materials: Tyvek paper, plastic paper, etc. when participating in the buffet service. Paper bracelets for buffet help staffs can identify which customers are participating, which guests are not buying tickets. Combine with jump number, qr code, random number, print serial number by zone, print color by zone, make for easier management of customers participating in the buffet.

2. Why print bracelet for buffet?

  • Buffet bracelets replace entrance tickets and seats with common paper tickets.
  • For diverse buffets: price discrimination, customers (guests are eating, staff ask if there are tickets or not)
  • Easily categorize customers.
  • Easily control customer engagement (look at the customer’s hand and have complete information).
  • Employees are also simpler in the process of arranging.
  • Made of waterproof, non-tear material, this is an important part of the buffet.
  • There is a serial section: check the number of customers daily.
  • Highly aesthetic: as an accessory.
  • Close QR code, barcode, serial number random .
  • On the bracelet for the buffet: punch a hole for the customer to bring the key to the cabinet.

3. How to make buffet bracelet?

  • Materials: tyvek paper, ECO plastic paper, fabric, rubber (can be given as a gift after the event ends), leather…
  • Size :

+ Children: (1.5 x 20) cm, (1.5 × 17) cm, (2 × 17) cm or (2 × 20) cm …

+ Adults: (2×23)cm, (2×25)cm, (2.5×25)cm. . . .

+ Customization: according to user requirements

  • Finished product: adhesive (1 day). Push button or withdraw button (used for many days).
  • Close the number: close the serial number as required, according to the zone, according to the customer ….
  • Print color is true and beautiful, sharp.
  • 1 set: 100 pieces, 1 block: 1,000 pieces.

4. Where is the buffet bracelet manufactured?

Currently, there are many units that accept to make bracelets, but most of them are high-priced and unstable services, due to the inability to master materials and production.

Coming to Minh Nguyen, the price is always stable. Minh Nguyen is a factory for manufacturing and processing paper bracelets for hospitals, buffets, buffet shops, buffets, events, restaurants, hotels, resorts, centers…

With modern machinery: HP Indigo printer, automatic numbering machine, shape-cutting machine and experienced and dedicated staff, ready to serve you.

With a production capacity of 40,000 pieces/day, Minh Nguyen always meets customers’ requirements for quality and progress, needs goods within a day.

Minh Nguyen is a partner of carriers: airlines, EMS, Viettel, UPS, garages…. Coming to Minh Nguyen, customers are always assured of the progress and quality of the bracelet for the event.

5. Minh Nguyen 10% off

Minh Nguyen discount 10% for customers who are members. Free design and nationwide delivery.


Thank you very much for your interest in the company’s products. Looking forward to your cooperation.

You can order at  Sendo.vn  or  Facebook  .

How to effectively manage customers with your bracelet???

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Minh Nguyen supplied and printed a paper bracelet to control guests participating in the buffet.

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