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– Với năng lực sản xuất : 40.000 cái/1 ngày


Send request for quick, simple quotation, no registration required. Send samples to customers before production. From 1-2 days is available, including ship goods. Packaging: 100 pieces / 1 block, 1 box / 10 blocks (1000 pieces). With 6 years of experience in manufacturing paper bracelets. Minh Nguyen Printing brings the most satisfaction to customers. Automatic and modern machinery: – Print on HP INDIGO printer. – Automatic die cutting machine – Machine of automatic jump number ….  

- Diverse materials:

Tyvek paper: disposable tapes, disposable buttons, reusable buttons, pressed logo (gold emulsion, silver emulsion, reflective, 
7 colors)
, custom cut, RFID chip bracelets (NFC, direct payment). Fabric: disposable draw button, reusable push button, pressed logo 
(gold emulsion, silver emulsion, reflective, 7 colors), RFID chip bracelet (NFC, direct payment).Plastic paper: masking tape, 
 buttons, disposable buttons, pressed logo (gold emulsion, silver emulsion, reflective, 7 colors), custom-cut picture, RFID chip 
 (NFC, direct payment next).Raw materials to make bracelets are lovely from a tough, very light, waterproof paper imported directly 
 the US, plus the use of a special adhesive material to create bracelets. Quality wristbands and has been widely used for a long time 
all countries of the world. In Vietnam we have applied from the last 3 years.

 1: Share how to make a quality paper bracelet:

– Use paper suitable for each purpose of the customer. – Use appropriate paper weight (shoe thickness), do not use paper that is too thin or too thick. Use paper with a weight of 120 grams to 150 grams is medium. – Using its specialized glue, this is often used by those who have been printing and exposed a lot of this paper to draw practical experience; such as the type of glue, the thickness of the glue, the contact surface of the glue, the melting point, the time in the water environment, etc. process of use and research, practical experience). – How to number the jumps on each bracelet: in this part, some printing houses could not do it, in that part, they were numbered to jump, at what stage (which stage). If this part is not mastered, the finished product will face many difficulties and it is difficult to complete smoothly and on time delivery.

2: The commonly used size of paper bracelets.

- Adults: 20 x 240mm, 20 x 250mm, 22 x 250mm, 22 x 260mm, 25 x 240mm, 25 x 250mm.

- Children: 15 x 200 mm, 15 x 220mm, 15 x 235 mm, 20 x 220 mm, 20 x 240mm.

     Paper bracelets are widely applied in events, events, amusement parks, restaurants, hotels, large-scale festivals. 
The purpose of distinguishing the participants based on the color of the bracelet, so that the staff can easily arrange the
 seating area 
as planned by the organizers, it's great, isn't it.

3: The application of waterproof paper wristbands.

=> Truly professional program to create a separate highlight for guests to participate. – Used in major music shows: Paper bracelets replace the entrance tickets to avoid tearing and dropping like ordinary paper tickets, based on the color on the ring to distinguish the Fan of famous singers, seating sections, creating a connection between Fan members. – In the pool: Replace the entry ticket, help pool managers easily manage staff and customers based on the color of the ring or barcode, QR Code and sequence number on each bracelet. The bracelet helps managers distinguish whether customers use package services or retail customers. In addition, tyvek paper can also be used as an athletic number card.   Please contact us immediately, let us quote the fastest printed tyvek wristband for you


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